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Niemand will wirklich Werbung. Alle wollen Antworten. Relevante Antworten. Informationen zu Produkten, die interessieren.

Unterbrecher-Werbung funktioniert nicht mehr.

Internet und Vernetzung haben das Leben verändert. Die Menschen suchen sich ihre Inhalte selbst  - im Internet. Über 90% der Internet-Nutzer informieren sich online, bevor Sie sich für ein Produkt entscheiden.

Die Website ist das wichtigste Verkaufsinstrument. Für jeden. Ob Weltkonzern oder Händler um die Ecke. Aber eine einfache Website reicht nicht, wenn man verkaufen will. Spannende Inhalte und aktiver Dialog entscheiden. Und das Marketing, mit dem Sie Ihre Website zum Magneten und zur besseren Infoquelle machen.

Die Kunden-Kommunikation hat sich gewandelt. Von der schnellen, unaufgeforderten Werbung zu einer intensiven Prozess-Disziplin: Datenbank gesteuert und individuell. 

Digitalisierung und Vernetzung verändern wie wir kommunizieren. Der Change beginnt in Ihrem Unternehmen: Mit Online basierten Lösungen, die das Zusammenarbeiten im Team auf eine ganz neue Effizienz bringen. 

SHB bietet das gesamte Spektrum für online gestütztes Marketing. Für interne Prozesse und verkaufsorientierte Dialogkommunikation. Kein Technikprogramm einer Online-Agentur. Sondern echte, authentische  Marketing-Lösungen, die verkaufen. Basierend auf jahrelanger Praxis-Erfahrung für erfolgsorientierte Auftraggeber. 

Auf unserer Website finden Sie alles, um Ihre Idee, Ihr Business voranzubringen. 

Wir freuen uns auf Sie!

SHB Kernkompetenz ist Response-Marketing: die Entwicklung responsiver Kommunikation durch zielgruppenabhängige individuelle Inhalte und Prozesse. Maximale Werbewirkung und Effizienz entsteht,  wenn Empfängerprofile erkannt und für individuell passende Ansprachen und Angebote genutzt werden. Individual Kommunikation erfordert automatisierte Prozesse, die in digitalen Medien optimal umgesetzt werden können.

Riding the CHANGE

Following the right CHANGE strategy is crucial in todays business world – where you sell or else. The right CHANGE strategy can dramatically improve efficiency and thus profits; it can even decide whether you will survive the digital challenge.

SHB key points are based on our general experience. The ranking might change and we will be updated in future versions when necessary. Stay tuned by following one of the media offered on this site.

How to start your Marketing Setup for the future

Set priorities. Don’t get distracted by looking at competitors and never measure against them when planning your setup.  Don’t endlessly discuss the issues you may face – just do it! Start implementing with the right team and the rest of the business will naturally follow. When deciding about software be sure to understand the advantage of Open Source.

The CHANGE strategy

  • Stop email chaos – start social business workflow
    • Replace intranet by social business functionality
    • Standardize the basics for accepted guidance while leaving room for self-esteem
  • Work with projects – stop single tasks
    • Use preset workflow schemes to plan projects
  • Use agile project management when working in teams and customer projects
    • Daily 10-minute team meetings; setting single steps with immediate approval - don’t go for the complete works in one go
  • Strip down software tools for an official list and make sure that these tools are used
  • Change your marketing to an inbound strategy with brand advertising being the add-on
    • Build your game plan, and a dynamic roadmap
  • Replace the term advertising by Demand Generation
  • Transform your website into an e-business site
  • Define all your marketing processes and strip them down. Be sure to understand, that speed of customer service is a core business driver that when implemented correctly, does not increase costs, but reduces them while boosting efficiency and sales success dramatically
  • Find the right external consulting partner to coach from the outside
    • While some advertising execution can be done internally, cutting out expensive traditional full service agencies, use outside support strategically for those tasks impossible to lead and manage from the inside. Change requires change and nobody really wants to change their habits, only neutral advice and independent coaching can help you reach your goals
    • Only choose consultants who practise what they pretend to coach
  • Start your ecommerce channel
    • People want to order everything online. Start with current offers, if no payment functionality is possible initially, handle orders individually or just run requests on the platform, it will evolve sooner or later
  • Involve all staff with online idea discussions and voting, then rationalize your decision
  • Set up security systems for your digital contents
    • Internal access only, VPN access, file system with download restrictions
  • Change the marketing view – don’t count sales but plan prospects and customers
  • Implement Marketing Automation for Lead Scoring and Management, and avoid costly software solutions. Instead stick with a minimalistic system that can be managed easily while being fun to work with; supporting individual motivation to goal setting
  • Publish your own content on the web. Find the hidden champions within your staff who can write your postings
  • Individualize your advertising for segments to boost relevance
  • Use online presentations to enhance personal phone contacts
  • Define, develop and constantly recheck your business model sets
  • Manage your own advertising DNA
    • Never let the media agency drive your test-strategy, financing their learning curve so they can resell your approach to their next client
    • Teach a team member with the help of a consultant until he is able to manage your numbers and steer other outside partners